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When this smaller client came to us, we decided it was the type of challenge to test ourselves in branding and identity design. Heating and plumbing (H&P) has never been an area where great design is showcased. The service providers just need to do a good job and get great word of mouth. Successful H&P companies often scale to the point where they can advertise for increased exposure. Lavery was still small but realized that they wanted to be ready to scale their business in every aspect, including their identity.

For the early logo explorations, we decided to adhere to only one common theme with H&P logos; the colors. Outside of blue and red, we pushed ourselves to avoid the common imagery or icons that flood all markets in the U.S.

To connect the user with the brand, we looked at the common interfaces for temperature control; residential or commercial. The round thermostat has made a comeback with the newer Nest units, but the LED panel with rubber buttons is more common across the country. As a user, the first instinct is to push buttons for up and down to see if it helps with the problem. This was our focal point to bridge the gap between the laymen and the expert.

The final icon echoes those buttons we all press firmly with a hope that it fixes everything. The colors were dulled a bit to give a matte or faded look that would lend a slight vintage feel, much like the serviceman from an older generation. To add more meaning, the bars symbolize pipes, ducts, and the circulation of air in a room.

For the typography, we wanted to have the same feel as the LED screen on the common interfaces. When applying a digital typeface to the various tough-points, we realized that readability was poor. Bank Gothic was our final choice that mimicked the square letterforms but was easier to read on a passing vehicle.

The final mark.

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